Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Acting for screen or stage?

From time to time I am approached by directors or casting directors looking for children for various projects. Just last week four of my students got to work on a fabulous short film, one scoring a lead role. The thing that always comes up is whether the child can act for the camera, or whether they are only suited to live/stage work? There is a big difference.

The camera is very intimate and picks up every tiny movement and sound, therefore a much more subtle approach to acting is required for film and television. Instead of writing it all down, I thought it might be easier to vlog my thoughts, so check out my little video for all the details.

The best thing to do is set up a camera, your phone or ipad, and film yourself so you can see what you look like on the screen. Always tailor your acting style to suit the environment. Stage acting is for the stage not for film and television.

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