Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bullies are Losers

On the weekend I was  thrilled to be part of a music video with a fabulous message - SAY NO TO BULLIES! 100s of industry professionals,  actors and dancers donated their time, and I've got to say, the feeling on set was pretty heart warming. This music video FREE YOU BE YOU really got me thinking about bullies and the way they operate and I realise, unfortunately,  I sometimes come across them in this industry I love.

Have you ever been side stage at an eisteddfod and heard kids giggling and pointing at other performers - bullies. What about in the audition waiting room? You know the kid and mother who talk loudly about all the things they have been cast in. They name drop and act as though they know the casting director or producer, they intimidate you any way they can - bullies. Then there's the ones on set, who constantly push themselves in front of the camera, knocking you out of the way. And don't think this behaviour is just from the children. I've witnessed some pretty vicious looks and snide remarks from the parents as well. Some parents even bully other parents into thinking that their child is inadequate, underprepared, totally wrong for the part or just way out of their league. Some of the conversations I've overheard would make your hair curl.

So why do children and parents resort to this bullying behaviour? Because they want to get the part, win the competition, and they will do it however they can. Same old story, people bully, to pull others down so they can put themselves in a position of power.

My advice to you - ignore the gossip, focus on the task at hand, have fun and don't stoop to their level. Parents - stand back, let your child do their job. Don't be a stage mother. The casting directors, agents, producers and people in power see through the bullies. I've been there when they have said "I don't want to work with that kid again" or "That child's parent is just too hard work."
Remember it's not just the talent they are working with, the personality is equally as important. Bullies are losers!

Some of the main cast members from the antibullying music video Free You Be You
100s of film industry professionals, actors and dancers worked for free to spread the antibullying message.
Visit the Free You Be You facebook page and help spread the message - bullies are losers.

I've written a number of scripts in my book Cool Stuff For Kids To Perform which deal specifically with bullying.

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