Saturday, 7 September 2013

Cool Stuff For Kids To Perform


The easiest way for me to introduce you to my book is to VLOG it.
Over 60 scripts, including monologues, duologues, trios and fouros, plus more than 20 improvisation starters.
I wrote this book, because I found it so hard to find scripts that were appropriate for my students. The length of each script has been kept to 2-4 minutes so they are perfect for eisteddfods, festivals, showreels, auditions or short films. Most scripts can be adapted easily to male or female actors and I have aimed them at age 7-18 years.

School Stuff For Kids To Perform

There is a section called School Stuff For Kids To Perform, which is aimed at secondary students and has recurring characters including the geeky, Prudence Thistlewhite and Cecil Muggeridge, the 'popular' Tiffany Golden, the sports jock, Brad Warren and the school bully, Bruce Jones.
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