Sunday, 25 January 2015

Scripts....written for kids!!!

Every year I go to eisteddfods and festivals with my students and see the same boring scripts about cats, witches and princesses. Occasionally there are a few Monty Python scripts thrown in, great, but dated. Then there's the ...yawn factor...the old classics of Little Women and Anne of Green Gables or for the older kids, Waiting for Godot. Or the totally inappropriate ones where kids play adult roles!!! What the??? I'm sorry but why would you give a kid a script written for an adult, then get them to put on a poncey accent???  
Am I being to harsh??
Frankly my dear I don't give a damn!
These are not the sort of scripts I think kids should be performing.
Give them something they can relate to.
Give them something written in the language they use.
This is the reason I wrote Cool Stuff For Kids To Perform.

Yes, blatant self promotion here, but it's the beginning of the year so I'm hoping you might be open to something new, contemporary and fun!
I wrote these scripts specifically for eisteddfods, festivals, showreels and audition pieces. They also make great short films. All scripts are 2-4 minutes in length and adaptable, so most parts can be played by males or females. They are written for kids aged 7 to 18 years and there's over 60 scripts in the book.
If you are a teacher, I've also thrown in 20 plus improvisation activities, fab for those days when you don't know what to teach. For goodness sake, do yourself a favour and buy a class set. If you teach privately, suggest that your students all buy a copy. I promise you this book will be used over and over and parents will be happy to buy a book instead of an app!
If you are a kid reading this, why not use the improvisation starters to write your own script?
Here's an example of one:

So I'm guessing now, you are saying, "OMG I really want a copy of this book."

For those who live in Australia, I can post directly to you, so leave me a comment or reach me on my facebook page. For my fabulous international readers, you can buy from Amazon. Just visit my website and all the links are on there:
I've also made available a few individual scripts for sale. 
You will find them on my website as well.
If you'd like some ideas of how best to use my book, check out this vlog which is packed full of suggestions.

 Now a final message to you all.
 If you buy Cool Stuff For Kids To Perform, and let's face it, you'd be kind of crazy if you didn't, can you please, please not photocopy it for everyone. 
It took me years to write and I'd love to write more scripts but if people keep photocopying them, it's not worth my while.

If you have a copy, Id love to hear from you. Also if you have filmed any of the scripts, I'd love to share them, so please leave me a comment so I can help share your work and thoughts with others.

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Anna :) 

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